Post Box

A high standards of business conduct and corporate governances plays an important role for our business expansion and sustainable growth. Thus, Thoresen Thai Agencies has adopted Code of Business Conduct as a set of professional practice guideline to assist all Board members, management and employees in their daily activities since 2010. The Whistle Blowing and Non-retaliation Policy and Procedures is one of many policies lies under the Code of Business Conduct. Today, the Company has established a "Postbox" as new communication channel for all stakeholders to share their complaints, compliments, comments or suggestions regarding the company's governance and business ethic directly to the Audit Committee, which is consisting of the independent directors, at the postal address provided below.

Thoresen Thai Agencies Plc.
P.O. Box 12, SCB Post Office,
Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330,Thailand

Please raise assure that the postbox process will be conducted transparently and high confidentiality. The assigned Internal Auditor will have exclusive access to the post box to collect the mails twice a month. All received mailed will be forwarded to the Audit Committee who will review them, consider appropriate actions and report to the Board of Directors at the quarterly meeting.